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Microsoft Office is a collection of Microsoft Corporation, comprises of various services with enhanced features for all the people around the world. The main motive to develop the MS Office, offering information that simplifies, mechanizes and advances the organization activities of an organization or a group of people. Microsoft Office is providing the wide variety of applications, servers, and services like MS. Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and Publisher. Apart from these various services, it offers some other web-based services such as MS Analytics, MS PowerApps, MS Planner, MS Forms, MS Graph API and many more.

Recently, MS Office has been used by millions of Users for different purposes such as Personal, professional and businesses across the world. Apart from all this MS Office has been compatible with every operating system such as Windows and Mac. MS Office is the copyrighted product of the Microsoft Corporation and first launched in 1990. It offers command in almost 35 different languages with every application. For downloading, installing and activating Office, visit on Office increases the productivity of individuals and allows more users to contribute towards more challenging conditions around them.

How to Buy Microsoft Office Product?

If you want to purchase MS Office for your computer, then you don’t need to go to any nearby retail store to purchase the product. People can Buy and download Microsoft Office setup immediately from the official website of Microsoft. However, you can also purchase MS Office from a retail store. There are various version of the MS office which are available in the market such as Office 365, Office 2016, Office 2013, Office 2010, and Office 2007 versions. Here is the complete procedure how you can purchase an Office subscription from Online and Offline:

Online Purchase

  1. Click to open the web browser and go to the Office web store. You can also perform an instant web search for getting the link to the web store or visit
  2. The home page will show all Microsoft products.
  3. Click on the “Shop Products” option.
  4. Choose and select Office from the drop-down list.
  5. Now, You will be redirected to the Office product page.
  6. Browse the available Microsoft Office packages. The wide range of packages by which you have to choose one. You might have to make use of the bar which is provided at the top of the page to locate the Office products for home and student use and for business use.
  7. Click on the latest version you want to purchase.
  8. Below every bundle of Office subscription, a list of all included Office products will be given. Ensure that the bundle you have chosen contains every application and software you require.
  9. Now, add the Office product to the card.
  10. Click on the Check Out button.
  11. Now, Sign in into your Microsoft Account
  12. Enter the payment details and complete the payment process.
  13. After completing the payment method, 25 characters alpha-numeric key code is provided to you by the Microsoft, write down that keycode it will help you in downloading process.

Offline Purchase

  1. Go to any retail store or Office supply store that keeps Microsoft Office in stock.
  2. Insert the Office CD in the CD/DVD drive.
  3. Then, carefully follow the on-screen instructions to download the product

Steps to Download Microsoft Office Setup

  1. Click on the “Sign in” option, or by clicking on the link
  2. It will be asked to enter the 25 character alpha-numeric Product Key Code.
  3. Enter the Office product Key Code and click on the Enter button.
  4. Therefore, if you are a new user, then click on the “Create an Account” option.
  5. Now, enter the required details to “Sign ”
  6. Now, the list of “Office Subscriptions” choose and select.
  7. Now to download MS Office, click on the “Download” button.
  8. Wait till the process is completed.

Steps to Install Microsoft Office Setup

For Windows

  1. Go to the, to install Microsoft Office.
  2. Click to “Sign in” with your Office
  3. Now, open the Office setup page and enter the Office setup 25- characters product key code.
  4. Now, Sign in to your Microsoft account at
  5. If you logged in with the account, then verify it on com/verify
  6. Then, finally click on the install option, and carefully follow on-screen instructions.

For Mac

  1. Click to open the Finder from your Mac’s Dock.
  2. Double-click on the Office setup to start the process.
  3. Click on the Continue option.
  4. Then, click to mark the “I Agree” option followed by Continue option
  5. Now, click on the Install option, and provide your Mac password.
  6. Finally, Click on the Close tab.
  7. Now, Office is successfully installed on your system.

Steps to Activate Microsoft Office Setup

  1. Once the downloading and installation are completed, and then go for activation.
  2. Click on the Microsoft Office icon and an Office Activation Wizard will appear on the screen.
  3. If required, enter the office setup product key.
  4. Now, follow the instruction carefully to complete the activation process

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